Google is apparently looking to bring together all of its communication services under one single platform. The platform will be dubbed “Babble”, and it will solve Google’s fragmented chat services. Right now, Google users can communicate through Google Talk, Google Hangout, Google Voice, Google Chat, Gmail Chat, and Google+. However, those services fail to communicate directly with each other.

According to, Babble is being built from scratch and will combine all of these services into a closed-communication platform. With Babble, you will be able to chat with anyone on your Google contacts list, and all of the signature features from each individual chat service will be available in one chat box. You can have a hangout, share pictures, and send e-mails from one service.

It’s speculated that once Babble launches, Google will be able to take on the likes of other popular messaging platforms such as iMessage, Blackberry Messenger, and Facebook Messenger. This new service has been long overdue and it should make chatting using Google’s services a much more refreshing experience. Babble should help Google get more consumers to convert over to its services.

Google is expected to announce Babble at its upcoming Google I/O conference in May. The service will be available for all PC users, and there should be an app released for it on Android devices as well as Chrome OS devices. There isn’t an expected release date for this service, but hopefully everything will be clarified at I/O. Are you excited to have all your chat services unified under one app?