It was only yesterday that the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update became available for a variety of Nexus devices. The GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi), and Nexus 10 were all able to be updated to the latest version. However, Google’s latest smartphone, the Nexus 4, was left out of the loop, disappointing a lot of users. Now those of you with a Nexus 4 can rejoice because the Android 4.2.2 OTA has just become available for you.

The Android 4.2.2 update brings a variety of features to your device. It brings improved stability and performance, as well as a various bug fixes. Alongside that, it also features a new download notification that shows you how much time is left before your app finishes downloading. You are also now able to toggle your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off by long-pressing their respective squares. Finally, there are new sound notifications for both wireless charging and the low battery signal.

If you’re an AdBlock Plus user, be aware that the new Android 4.2.2 update does prevent the app from working. There is a patch included in the update that prevents AdBlock from automatically configuring the proxy in your phone in order to block out ads. However, on the plus side, this also prevents malicious apps from being able use the Android security flaw for phishing, as well as compromise your privacy.

The update is available through OTA, however you can also download the update manually from Google. The update is about 51MB and shouldn’t take too long to download over a Wi-Fi connection. We hope you enjoy your new update and the new features that it brings. You can also see what else Android 4.2.2 has in store for you in the timeline below.

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