Google Glass is going to be Google’s 2013 game-changing phenomenon when it rolls out at the end of this year. The new accessory will be priced somewhere around $1500, meaning that the average consumer may opt against purchasing it. It offers a bunch of nifty features, like being able to do a quick search, navigating the streets via a turn-by-turn overlay, and being able to take pictures and record video with voice commands and/or a few button clicks.

One very convenient feature that Google Glass will have is the ability to tether 3G or 4G data directly from your Android smartphone (as well as iPhones). While you can connect your Google Glass to a Wi-Fi internet connection, chances are while you’re walking around, you’re not going to have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection. That’s when you whip out your smartphone and you pair it with your Google Glass via Bluetooth.

This feature should help alleviate some costs associated with Google Glass, because you’re already going to burn a $1500 hole in your wallet. Having consumers pay an extra data fee for the accessory may not be very appealing, and users will require a constant connection to the internet for Google Glass to function properly.

Google Glass should be available by the end of this year, and that’s also around the same time frame that Google’s retail stores should begin appearing. People will be able to test out Google Glass before they spend a fortune on it. It’s a great marketing strategy to give people a hands-on feel for the product, because even with Google’s name, selling a $1500 accessory could be a very challenging feat. Does Google Glass interest you?

[via The Verge]


    • 1) physically DISPLAY is SMALL
      2) optically DISPLAY is BIG thanks to an unobtrusive mono-lense and a unique patented tech
      3) the battery part (behind the ear) was at least 2X-ed comparing with the first Glass appearance.
      4) Google will provide easy charging/wireless charging options for an EXTREMELY heavy users.

      = Everything will be AWESOME with Glass battery life.

      Can’t wait.

  1. Ok guys I’m just going to go ahead and say here that the retail price of this device is going to be worth a third of the developer only edition. They stated yesterday it will be worth less than most flagship phones when it’s released.

    Battery life will (I’m guessing) be great. As it tethers using Bluetooth 4.0 which is very power efficient and is inactive until you tilt your head to awaken the device or you receive notifications.

    Call me a fanboi if you will. But I see this headset being the next “iPhone” it’s going to be a pace setter that Google has put quite a bit of effort into, and using GoogleNow as a building stone is a wonderful place to start off from.

    I’m really exited about this product. And if I was offered a developer version at 1500, I would likely purchase it.

  2. Hell yeah interesting much,but the price damn expensive and batrei in android phone will run out immediately while connect to bluetooth and wifi / data

  3. The current developer versions are $1500. The consumer versions that they will be releasing late this year or early next will be much, much cheaper (and probably look very different). Good job trying to poison the well, assholes.

  4. In the last video I saw, Google Glass developers said that they don’t want this to be a niche product. Best way to do that is to make it cheap and bundle it with the next nexus


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