Samsung Galaxy S5 leak brings talk of a metal chassis

We still expect it will be quite some time before Samsung offers any official details on the Galaxy S5, however it looks like the rumor mill is already beginning to churn. A recent report on the Korean language ETnews brings talk of the chassis and production. The talk circles around the handset possibly having a metal chassis.

Jitterbug Touch 2 smartphone announced, made for aging consumers

Children aren't the only ones getting special attention from the industry these days. Even those who are at the prime of their life and beyond need devices that are tailor fitted to address not only their needs, but also their habits and capacities. Enter Jitterbug Touch 2, the next iteration of the easy to use smartphone made by GreatCall, who specializes in products for aging consumers.

GameStick game console to finally ship in September

Majority of Android gamers are probably familiar with the OUYA gaming console which is probably one of the most successful technology-related Kickstarter so far. Some, however, might also be aware of another rather similar Kickstarter console named GameStick. After months of delays, the device might finally land in the hands of backers and buyers by the middle of September.
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