When Google released their Jelly Bean keyboard to the Google Play Store it made lots of users happy, myself included, and today it appears to be receiving a quick little update. If you’re not a fan of Swype or SwiftKey Google’s stock keyboard is your best bet, and today’s update is adding a few little things for tablets.

There was tons of apps receiving updates today, and a few moments after our round-up the Keyboard update hit our device. So far it’s only arrived for one of many phones I’ve got sitting around, as Google’s usual staged rollout rules apply here. You should get the new Google Keyboard update within the next day or so.

So what’s new? Not much. However, one little aspect is something many have been waiting for. Google added the convenient long-press on the top row of keys for quick access to numbers to tablets. It has been available all along on phones, but only today’s update will let tablet users get the same shortcut. For whatever reason you had to toggle the alternate keys to get numbers on a tablet.


It’s minor, but something I’m sure a few users will be happy to see. Then just like most app updates today, there really isn’t much going on here from Google. They tuned and improved the keyboard layout for certain languages, and of course the usual bug fixes and stability improvements comment also made the change log list. There isn’t much new, but expect the update to arrive shortly.

VIA: Play Store