CyanogenMod has just announced the first 10.1.3 release candidate for the popular Android custom ROM. This version includes new security features aside from the usual improvements and bug fixes, as well as news for new supported devices.

At the top of the changes in CM 10.1.3 are two security features. The first is the Privacy Guard Manager which will let users more easily manage Privacy Guard-enabled apps from a central location rather than going from one app to another in the settings window. The SELinux security framework, a new feature in Android 4.3, has also been added to the build, although it is set to Permissive mode. Both features have so far only been available in nightly builds for CM 10.1. Unfortunately, the release candidate also removes Voice+, an “upgraded” version of Google Voice that allows users to send and receive SMS via Google Voice using any SMS app they prefer.

The release candidate also marks the approval of a first general release for new supported Android devices such as the HTC One, the Galaxy S 4, and the Galaxy Note 2. CM 10.1.3 will be the last release for the Android 4.2-based CM 10.1 branch as the project focuses its resources on version 10.2 which will bring in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to supported devices.

As this is a release candidate for the final CM 10.1 release, bug reports in this period are critical, and so CyanogenMod is asking for proper bug reports with valid logs and steps to reproduce the issues. Users are also warned not to flash this build on top of existing CM 10.2 nightlies.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod