The extremely popular photo hosting and social site Imgur released their app for Android back in June, and they’ve been extremely busy updating it rather often with improvements. The last was earlier this month, and yesterday they pushed a pretty large update that is all about, well, photos of course.

Imgur is one of the largest photo hosting sites on the web, and has a huge community of people and hilarious comments, many of which are Reddit users. So you know you’ll have a good time reading comments. Today’s update to their Android app has tons of improvements to make the experience even better.

Imgur v1.2 arrived with an improved option to save photos right from the app, which of course you can share later and try to act like it’s an original find. They’ve added pinch-to-zoom for the app, instead of having to go to the browser, and we now have an upload progress bar on Android devices too.

There’s a new image and gallery viewer, they’ve improved the scrolling in-app, and we even have an auto-retry on upload failure now too. It might not be the best app we’ve seen, but at this rate they’ll have everything perfected in no time. So get to viewing those funny pictures and GIFs of Miley Cyrus, cute puppies or kittens, and have some fun.

VIA: Play Store