Nexus 4 hardware tweaks add small feet to prevent scratching

It has come to attention that the folks from Google and LG have begun shipping new Nexus 4 smartphones with a few subtle design changes, but changes for the better. Apparently a new batch of devices are shipping as we speak to customers, and they have a few tweaks to improve the hardware and prevent scratching. Check out the image below.

ISS suggests MetroPCS shareholders vote against T-Mobile merger

Things seemed to be going rather well in terms of the T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger. This all began as rumor back in October of last year and as of today we have seen approval after approval. In fact, the merger has been granted approval from the Department of Justice, the FCC and the Committee on Foreign Investment. Basically, that means they have received all the necessary regulatory approvals.

T-Mobile’s $99 GALAXY S 4 might sound good, but is it cheapest?

So now that Samsung's officially unveiled their new flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone, the question is where should you get one? This week T-Mobile announced their new strategy moving forward along with their "UNcarrier" plans for mobile users, so we figured a quick AT&T comparison was in order. AT&T's GALAXY S 4 goes up for pre-order in April for $249, while T-Mobile is asking just $99 - so who's cheaper in the long run? Read on to find out.

Best Buy expected to heavily promote the Samsung GALAXY S 4

It is looking like the GALAXY S 4 is going to be heavily promoted at Best Buy. According to the details we are seeing, select Best Buy locations will soon begin clearing some space for Samsung mini-stores. Yes, it appears as if Samsung will soon have some dedicated space in the mobile departments. Perhaps even nicer for Samsung, it looks like there will also be some employees getting special training on the GALAXY S 4.

Tumblr reaches 100 million blogs, 72 million posts per day

Everyone can be a blogger in today's day and age, and a lot of that we owe to Tumblr. This week we've learned that the massive and extremely popular social and blogging site has reached an impressive milestone in March of 2013. Tumblr now has over 100 million blogs on the site, a number which has doubled in under a year after being around 50m in April of 2012.

Apple patents wrap-around AMOLED display tech

Wait. What? Didn't Samsung already have this in the works? For those that aren't familiar Samsung has been working hard on their curved AMOLED dispaly technology, but it looks like Apple might beat them to the punch. Samsung's YOUM display technology has been shown off many times, but Apple's already applied for a patent of said technology.

GameStick to launch with Shadowgun and Smash Cops

The GameStick is another of the Android based game systems that launched on Kickstarter. Some will likely also remember the OUYA, which coincidentally, began shipping today. As for the GameStick though, they have recently offered up some details on launch partners, launch titles and the GameStick Storefront.
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