OUYA shipments for the Kickstarter backers are set to begin going out today, however that likely leaves plenty still interested in making a purchase. We have had pre-orders available for those in the US for some time now, however it looks like those in the UK now have the same availability. Basically, one UK retailer has begun accepting pre-orders and that means they have also listed the price.

That retailer is GAME and the OUYA console is priced at £99.99. This price point includes the OUYA console and one controller. Additional controllers are also available. The controllers are priced at £39.99. The public release of the OUYA console is still set for June, which basically means those placing a pre-order at this time have a few months to wait for delivery.

Otherwise, as those Kickstarter backers should have the console up and running soon enough, we are looking forward to seeing some user reactions. Of course, that just bring the point that if you have yet to place a pre-order, it may serve you well to see what these first users have to say. The OUYA console has had a fairly serious amount of hype and coverage, but as we have seen before — not all products are able to fully live up.

Aside from the console itself beginning to ship, we have also seen the OUYA team asking for game submissions in recent history. Games aside, the console has also been shown to handle media center duties by way of XBMC and it has also gotten a bit friendlier with the DIY crowd thanks to the recent partnership with the folks at MakerBot.

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