If you’re the user of a Sony Xperia TX smartphone, a new update for the Android operating system on your device is now rolling out. Sony is rolling out an update for the smartphone bringing it to Android 4.1.2. That might be a bit disappointing to users hoping to see the 4.2 release, but at least you’re getting Jelly Bean on the device.

Before the new update, the Xperia TX was running Android 4.0. The new update brings with it some improved features such as various performance boosts and an improved notification system. The update is believed to be the same one that Sony rolled out for the Xperia T previously, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

The update for the T also had updates for Sony’s Walkman, Album, and Movies packages that improve the user interface and make the apps easier-to-use. Other features that come along with new update include an improved home screen, resizable widgets, and the ability to open up to seven desktop panes. The update also allows users to use trays of linked applications within the App Drawer.

It’s worth noting that the update for the Xperia T also brought along some improvements to the smartphones cameras. It’s unclear if the update for the TX features the same camera improvements at this time.

[via ExpertReviews]