Wait. What? Didn’t Samsung already have this in the works? For those that aren’t familiar Samsung has been working hard on their curved AMOLED dispaly technology, but it looks like Apple might beat them to the punch. Samsung’s YOUM display technology has been shown off many times, but Apple’s already applied for a patent of said technology.

According to the reports from AppleInsider this patent covers a curved display or a wrap-around AMOLED screen design. The images provided are obviously just illustrations and proof of concepts, but it’s pretty interesting to say the least. Look familiar to anyone?

Just yesterday we reported that Samsung received and applied for more mobile patents in 2012 than anyone else, but apparently this somehow didn’t make the list. We’re not fully sure at this point, but if Apple beats them to this that could spell trouble for their future screen technology they’ve been working on for years.


Samsung’s concept device shown off working at CES had a slight curve on the side for shortcuts and notifications, but Apple details what appears to be a complete 360 degree view. An entire device wrapped in a touchscreen. That would be interesting. I want one on my wrist, running Android of course. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen curved displays and glass in the tech world, but it looks like things are getting closer and closer to it becoming a reality. Don’t expect the next iPhone to have it, but many think Samsung’s next Galaxy S 5 will. Who knows.

[via SlashGear]