InMobi is a mobile advertising network that has been around for a while and the company has announced the launch of a new Android application distribution platform. The distribution platform is called App Publish and the distribution platform will supply apps to a number of different app stores around the world. The platform will offer free, paid, and premium applications.

App Publish is free to use and covers 130 different app stores around the world. The company says it will also be adding one or two more app stores each week. That number of app stores that the distribution platform covers also includes many “fork” versions available in China. However, the platform does cover some major Android app stores that you’ll be familiar with.

The platform also supplies applications to GetJar, Mobango, and SlideMe among others. This app distribution platform uses technology that InMobi acquired its purchase of Metaflow Solutions. It appears that the app distribution platform is leaning heavily towards game developers at this time and was unveiled at the GDC conference.

Major game developers such as EA use the platform during the alpha and beta stages. Some of those developers say that their downloads increased between 10% and 30%. Despite it used by game developers, the platform is aimed at all developers regardless of the type of app they’re making.

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