Android users of the Facebook Messenger app in the US have been able to make VoIP calls using the app for a while now. Word has surfaced indicating that Facebook is rolling out the ability to make VoIP calls using the app to other countries. According to reports, the update to the app is rolling out in the UK that brings VoIP calling to users across the pond for the first time.

With the rollout of the updated app in the UK, it marks the third country where Facebook has made voice over calls possible following the feature going live in the United States and Canada. Reports indicate that users with the updated app now have a new option alongside the photo and camera buttons. That new option says Free Call.

When users press that button, a VoIP call is initiated over a Wi-Fi network if available or using the mobile network when not connected to Wi-Fi. Assuming the person you’re trying to call is also running the Facebook Messenger app, the call recipient will get a push notification telling them who is calling.

User’s looking for this new feature need to keep in mind this is for the separate Facebook Messenger app, not the main Facebook application. Reports also indicate that the updated app could be rolling out in a staggered fashion with some users still on the older version. If you try to call a user on the older version of the app, you will be greeted with an error message that says the app is unable to make calls.

[via TheNextWeb]