Apple’s iPad Mini announcement sees Nexus 7 taking center stage

As many of you already know, today was the day the world finally received that long-awaited iPad Mini reveal. When Apple announced the new bite-sized iPad, it did so by comparing the iPad Mini to the immensely popular Google Nexus 7. Right off the bat, we can tell that Apple perceives the Nexus 7 as the biggest competitor to the iPad Mini, and anyone who owns a Nexus 7 knows that there's good reason for that.

Samsung and LG may release 1080p smartphones early next year

Samsung and LG may be releasing 1080p smartphones in the early part of 2013, according to Korean newspaper MK News. Samsung and LG are two of the bigger smartphone creators on the market, and an extra-large, 1080p smartphone from them certainly makes sense. Who will bring one to market first? That, of course, remains to be seen.

US Cellular launches Alcatel One Touch Shockwave today

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH, a maker of affordable smartphones, today announced that its ONE TOUCH Shockwave would make its way to US Cellular. It's a smartphone targeted at consumers looking for durable device that can handle the rigors of everyday life. It has a shock resistant casing, a damage-resistant Dragontrail tempered glass screen, and a water-resistant casing.

Amazon calls Kindle Fire HD a “best-seller” and announces a new OTA update to celebrate

Amazon has recently described the Kindle Fire HD as the "#1 best-selling product across all of Amazon worldwide." That's some pretty serious sales if accurate. Of course, since Amazon almost never releases actual sales figures when they talk about products a little skepticism is needed. Maybe it is the best-selling thing on Amazon ever, or maybe they mean it's the best-seller this week. Without numbers it's hard to be sure.

LG Optimus G Review

The folks from LG are reaching towards the high end with their latest smartphone. That being their new flagship LG Optimus G powerhouse. When you think of top-tier specs or a dream smartphone, the LG has almost everything you'd like. With an HD screen, quad-core processor, 4G LTE (sort of) and awesome hardware can this smartphone do it all and earn your hard earned cash. Read on to find out what we thought of the Optimus G.