Samsung has decided to push back its new flexible AMOLED displays. Samsung is seeing so much success with its traditional glass AMOLED displays, they don’t seem too concerned with getting the flexible screens to market quickley. During production, Samsung ran into some mass production problems, which made it impossible for them to hit the previously hinted at Q3 2012 release originally hinted at.

Some of Samsung’s most popular phones, such as the Galaxy S III, use Samsung’s glass AMOLED display. Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Note II also uses the screen technology. Samsung seems to be having no trouble keeping up with the demand for the screens on these devices.

In fact, production of glass displays is actually one of the reasons for the delay in the flexible screens. Samsung is hoping to increase production from around 56,000 units per month to 64,000 units. Obviously, Samsung will have to redirect much of its resources to plastic, which is the material used to make the flexible AMOLED displays.

Obviously, Samsung could do some creative things with a flexible display. It does not seem as though they are planning to make phones that bend in half. One possible use for the bending screens is having the display wrap around the top, so users could look at the time and other information while the phone is still sitting in their pocket. Hopefully, Samsung gets these screens in production soon, because they could open up some awesome doors for smartphones that we have not seen before.

[via SlashGear]