Back in September when Motorola announced their new lineup of RAZR smartphones, they also mentioned that not all devices would see updates to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. That isn’t all either. Motorola also confirmed that they’ll be offering a “trade up” promotion where select users can get $100 back while upgrading to a new phone at the same time. Today we have the details.

Today Motorola has posted a list of what devices won’t be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — and essentially what devices will. Showing that the DROID 4, Bionic and a few others will see the update but that’s about it. The image below is what’s being posted over at the Motorola Blog.

So what exactly does it mean? If you own one of the devices in that left column, it won’t be getting upgraded past Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — if it even has it to begin with. Those devices will not see Jelly Bean and since Motorola is committed to supplying the latest and greatest to their customers if you happen to own one, if you purchase a new RAZR HD or anything from the right column they’ll give you $100.

Motorola states that their new trade up offer is currently only available in the US, but they plan to roll this out to other counties “over time” but doesn’t state any other details. Obviously this won’t help for users still in contract with Verizon or whoever else. This is only for those that are ready to update. If you’d like to trade up and get that cash back head to Motorola’s Trade Up site. Check out reviews of all those new devices available for trade up from the links below.


[via Droid-Life]


  1. Moto thinks that $100 is a decent “sorry” for f-ing customers over. I have a Photon 4G, and it’s great hardware, but since Moto never provided a REAL update for this device, this will be the last of their devices I will ever buy. It’ll be more than a year before I can upgrade, and by then my phone will be running a 4 year old version of Android. 🙁

    • i also have the photon and $100 is nothing, there is no reason why the photon shouldn’t get 4.0……..its a $500+ device and given a customer $100 to go and pay $500+ for another device by the same manufacture that screwed them in the beginning is ludicrous !!!!! ….im done with Motorola and will never buy one of their products ever again NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE DEVICE MAY BE!!!!!

  2. In other words those phones that will receive jelly bean will have to wait about another 12 months or so for Motorola to even attempt the update. when all is said and done and the update finally pushes out it will be 2014 or even more likely 2015. but hey the worlds is gonna end in a few months anyways so Motorola will save face…its part of their plan all along..


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