It looks like we need to add one more event to the growing list here for the end of October. It’s going to be a busy few weeks in the world of technology and smartphones. Today T-Mobile has just issued event invites for a product “launch party” on October 29th. Now the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of them being the LG Nexus 4 launch partner.

Google has their own event set for October 29th in NYC, which most likely will be the stage where they announce the LG Nexus 4 and possibility many other items to the Android world. So far we haven’t heard anything regarding launch partners for the new Nexus smartphone — but this could be it.

The Galaxy Nexus launched on the Play Store with no US carriers until Verizon added it a few months later. Before that the Nexus S launched on T-Mobile so they have a history, and we can’t forget the G1 now can we? There’s a lot at play here. Microsoft and their Windows Phone 8 launches that week too, and T-Mobile will be rocking a few of their new devices, but it’s safe to say Android might also make a big appearance.

So far the details are rather light at the moment. What we do know is Google will be unveiling their new products to the world on Monday, October 29th in NYC, and T-Mobile will be hosting their own event on the same day. Here’s to hoping for the LG Nexus 4 (or HTC Nexus 5) hitting T-Mobile just in time for the holidays.


    • Hate to BURST your bubble my friend but last time I checked Tmobile is who launched android before android became what it is today. Trust this a GSM version is already put aside for Tmobile. Google would never exclude Tmobile from anything stock android related.

      • Sorry buddy, we ain’t gonna see T-Mobile unveil a Nexus device, that is wishful thinking. What you will see is the Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus L9 or whatever it’s called, Nokia Lumia 810 and HTC 8X. That is what I am expecting. If anyone is gonna announce a Nexus device for T-Mobile on the 29th, it will be Google, not T-Mobile.

      • Hate to burst YOUR bubble “my friend”, but last time I checked, it was Verizon and Motorola that made Android so well known. That’s why basically everyone refers to the entire brand as “Droid”, as in “Oh, is that a Droid phone?”. Only the hardcore Android people know (or care) about the T-Mobile G1 aka the HTC Dream.

      • Speak for yourself. My 51 year old mother isn’t terribly tech savvy and she knows the difference between an device running Android and a Droid branded device running Android. Some people are just too lazy to do their homework and no one ever bothers to correct them. You’re very condescending by the way.

        Verizon launched a Nexus device and somehow managed to un-Nexus it.

        T-Mobile 4G and LG Nexus 4 = Milk and cookies.

  1. here’s to hoping theres a G3 announcement in there as well. would coincide w/ the end of contract for people who originally purchased the G1 and upgraded to the G2.


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