Verizon Galaxy Nexus spyshots leak, video clip included

Some spyshots of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus have leaked over at Phandroid just recently, and it they look glorious. And to be honest, you don't notice how different the two versions of the Galaxy Nexus look until you see these photos. It still looks extremely slim from sideshot below, but it's obvious the GSM version is the thinner of the two.

Galaxy S II GPS errors recognized by Vodafone

Those of you with a Galaxy S II on Vodafone's network may have been experiencing some GPS connection issues after your OTA update to 2.3.3. This doesn't strike me as too surprising, as Samsung Androids have had a brief history of GPS bugs. Whats been happening on these plagued Galaxy S II's is the GPS either takes too long to home in on your location or simply never does. Unlike some carriers Vodafone definitely took these complaints seriously.

Android 4.0 Open Source Project released for x86 processors

Google's source code for Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has now been released for x86 processors, Intel and AMD alike. It seems there are currently some very obvious compatibility bugs that don't play nicely with Intel chipsets. Sound, ethernet, hardware acceleration, and camera capabilities are currently incompatible. However, developers coding for AMD processors will find that sound, hardware acceleration and WiFi work perfectly fine.

First of many Ice Cream Sandwich tablets appears in China

You know the wave of Froyo and Gingerbread tablets that have been coming out of China for the last couple of years? You know the complete lack of Honeycomb tablets in the interim since the Motorola XOOM launched? That's because Honeycomb hadn't been open-sourced, so non-Google-sanctioned tablet makers had to make do with earlier versions. But now that the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich has been made available to one and all, cheap tablets running Android 4.0 will be coming in a torrent out of the east. GizChina has a look at the very first one.

DaVinci is the Tegra 3 steampunk-Doom that one guy has been waiting for

We kid, we kid. DaVinci THD gets points for originality, at least - the Tegra 3-enabled first person shooter takes place in the Renaissance era. And since guns were just a little more than small cannons back then, it takes a few liberties when it comes to weapons, not to mention environments and costumes. You can see for yourself in new screenshots that have made it to Nvidia's Tegra Zone.

Some HTC Rezound units having audio-out issues

If you're going to call a phone "Rezound", then launch it with exclusive Beats audio and high-dollar bundled headphones, you should probably makes absolutely sure there's no problem with the audio. That's the thought occupying many new owners of the HTC Rezound, which is having some trouble in the tunes department according to Droid Life. A few users are reporting static interference when using either the iBeats headphones or any other audio device - a black eye tin ear on the music-focused flagship device.

DroidMote lets XPERIA Play owners control Android tablet games

There are a lot of exciting developments in the Android gaming world, but at the end of the day, touchsceen controls are still a limiting factor for complex games. Owners of Sony's XPERIA Play have a built-in solution, but what if you want to play your games with glorious button-mashing accuracy on a screen more than a few inches wide? If you find yourself in this conundrum, and you've got an enviable amount of Android hardware lying around, you might want to invest in DroidMote, an app that allows the XPERIA Play to remotely control games on any Android tablet.

Nexus One gets an Ice Cream Sandwich port via CyanogenMod

You knew this was coming, but admit it: it's nice to see anyway. The broohaha around the upcoming CyanogenMod 9, built from Ice Cream Sandwich's source code and then tweaked like a five-year-old with an unlimited supply of Legos and no instructions, is reaching a fever pitch. Dozens of supported devices are getting early alpha and beta ports, but perhaps none are so welcome as HTC's Nexus One, the original Google Phone.

Zen Pinball THD for Android hands-on [Video]

For all you Pinball fans out there today we have a brand new game for Android to show everyone. This is Pinball THD exclusively available for NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices thanks to that powerful dual-core chip and graphics. From Zen Studios comes an awesome and graphic intensive Pinball game to keep most fans plenty happy and busy for hours. We've taken the new game for a quick spin to see just how great those graphics really are. Screenshots and video are available after the break.
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