There are a lot of exciting developments in the Android gaming world, but at the end of the day, touchsceen controls are still a limiting factor for complex games. Owners of Sony’s XPERIA Play have a built-in solution, but what if you want to play your games with glorious button-mashing accuracy on a screen more than a few inches wide? If you find yourself in this conundrum, and you’ve got an enviable amount of Android hardware lying around, you might want to invest in DroidMote, an app that allows the XPERIA Play to remotely control games on any Android tablet.

The app’s been around for a while, but what’s the sense in replacing a touchscreen with a slightly smaller one, or even a cramped QWERTY keyboard? The latest update allows the XPERIA Play’s gaming buttons on its slide-out lower half to come into play. Throw in an HDMI cable and you’ve got a full-fledged mobile console, albeit one that requires about a thousand dollars worth of hardware to run properly.

Check it out in action with an HDTV setup below:

The server app runs on the tablet of your choice, and costs $2. At this point, you will unfortunately need to be rooted in order for it to work. The client app runs on the XPERIA Play, or any Android phone you’d like to use, and it’s a free download. Naturally the controls are completely customizable, allowing you to use any combination of physical and virtual buttons you like, plus tilt controls.

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[via Droid Gamers]