If you’re going to call a phone “Rezound”, then launch it with exclusive Beats audio and high-dollar bundled headphones, you should probably makes absolutely sure there’s no problem with the audio. That’s the thought occupying many new owners of the HTC Rezound, which is having some trouble in the tunes department according to Droid Life. A few users are reporting static interference when using either the iBeats headphones or any other audio device – a black eye tin ear on the music-focused flagship device.

The source of the disturbance is unknown at this point, though it probably doesn’t have anything to do with the Beats audio driver and software. The users are reporting issues from all kinds of music sources, including streaming apps and the built-in Music programs. For the record, our own review unit hasn’t shown any problems so far in the audio department. One presented theory is that it’s a combination of headphone/speaker use and Verizon’s 4G LTE. Since the issue itself is still being hammered down, it might take a while for HTC to respond.

Rezound owners, if you’re having issues with your audio or music playback, sound off in the comments section. Better yet, head over to the HTC Rezound forum and do some collaborating. And of course, let HTC know about the problem via their customer support line (886-3-3753252) or on their website. Hopefully a software patch can fix things up soon.

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