Some spyshots of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus have leaked over at Phandroid just recently, and it they look glorious. And to be honest, you don’t notice how different the two versions of the Galaxy Nexus look until you see these photos. It still looks extremely slim from sideshot below, but it’s obvious the GSM version is the thinner of the two.

Also noted was the fact that Verizon preloaded a couple of their own applications onto the device – My Verizon Mobile and VZ Backup Assistant. This is actually big news as well; Google has never allowed a carrier to include “carrier-specific” apps in their completely vanilla Android experience until now.

The metal look really does the phone great justice, and I would even prefer this version over the other. In the video however, the phone seems to change to a darker black color; it could very well be the camera, but even the texture seems to have disappeared. Maybe an official case for the device? Who knows – it’s lookin’ sharp either way.

[via Phandroid]