We kid, we kid. DaVinci THD gets points for originality, at least – the Tegra 3-enabled first person shooter takes place in the Renaissance era. And since guns were just a little more than small cannons back then, it takes a few liberties when it comes to weapons, not to mention environments and costumes. You can see for yourself in new screenshots that have made it to Nvidia’s Tegra Zone.

Previously known as Project Renaissance, the arena-based multiplayer shooter will be released early next year. The visuals are definitely the star of the show here: while they’re not quite as impressive as some of the new Tegra-enabled games we’ve seen lately, the bright, unique visual style makes Da Vinci one to watch. It includes advanced physics models and dynamic lighting, not unlike one of the demos that Nvidia showed running on the Transformer Prime earlier. THe Unreal 3 engine should keep the game nice and smooth, assuming you’ve got the hardware to take advantage of it.

More interestingly, developer Bridea is bringing the game to both PC and Android. While the mobile version is obviously toned down from the desktop version, it looks like most if not all of the gameplay remains intact – an impressive and important step forward for mobile gaming in general, and Android in particular. At the rate at which hardware is advancing, you’re likely to see a lot more dual releases like this in the coming months. By the time The Elder Scrolls VI comes out, we might just be able to go dungeon crawling on Android and Windows simultaneously, with little distinction between them.

[via Phandroid]