Those of you with a Galaxy S II on Vodafone’s network may have been experiencing some GPS connection issues after your OTA update to 2.3.3. This doesn’t strike me as too surprising, as Samsung Androids have had a brief history of GPS bugs. Whats been happening on these plagued Galaxy S II’s is the GPS either takes too long to home in on your location or simply never does. Unlike some carriers Vodafone definitely took these complaints seriously.

As of now, Vodafone stated that users should “still be able to use location services as normal once their device has locked onto the GPS connection”. Though this doesn’t solve the problem, there isn’t much more a carrier can say until they find out more information on the fix. There’s still no word on when the fix may be, but we’ll keep you posted.

For those of you that don’t receive a signal at all, you may want to consider even rooting your device. It will take you some time reading up on the terminology and processes, but will allow you to load a custom ROM or even roll back to your previous firmware (bug-free). Note: IT DOES VOID YOUR WARRANTY. But definitely don’t rush into it, do your research first. For those of you that have experience rooting already, this may point you in the right direction.

[via Talk Android]