What’s that? Ice Cream flavored Nyan Cat isn’t nearly enough geeky madness for you? You crave more functionally useless but smile-inducing hidden gems in Ice Cream Sandwich? Then feast your eyes on “Rocket Launcher”, a Star Trek-style starfield full of flying app icons that lives just below the updated ICS launcher.

Between an obscure Internet meme and a shout-out to scifi fans everywhere, Google is easily extending its lead as the geekiest megacorp in Silicon Valley. The Rocket Launcher app is just about worthless as far as actual utility goes – you can’t even access it from any of the normal ICS apps or menus. YouTube user RougeSheep uses a a loophole in LauncherPro‘s custom shortcut engine to quickly access the hidden command. Once the shortcut is tapped, application icons fly towards the user randomly, not unlike everyone’s favorite Windows 95 screen saver. If you’re quick enough you can tap an app to launch it, but you have to wait for the correct one to fly by.

Check out the Easter egg, demonstrated on an Ice Cream Sandwich SDK:

So, what good is “Rocket Launcher?” None at all. It’s absolutely without value for anyone who wants to get anything done on their high-powered Android smartphone. Isn’t it awesome? We’ll be on the lookout for even more ICS goodies as the Galaxy Nexus (eventually) comes to the US and other phones get AOSP ROM builds.

[via Android Police]