Oh yea, nothing beats playing the old school game of UNO to bring back some good ol memories right on my Android phone or tablet. UNO by Gameloft was updated back in August with full HD graphics and support for Android tablets but sadly it was $2.99 and that threw many potential players away. Today Gameloft has released the extremely popular game FREE in the Android Market.

Obviously the wild cards are everyone’s favorite but I personally loved the skip or reverse cards to throw the game off. I played hours and hours of UNO as a child, especially while camping when it got cold and late. Like mentioned above — UNO for Android has HD graphics, support for tablets, multiplayer support over WiFi, tournament mode, and the option to join in with friends and more.

I know this isn’t SHADOWGUN or an extremely popular game and all but this is one for the ages that truly everyone can enjoy. After installing it myself it seems to be fully compatible with all of my devices (not a small list). That includes 7, 8.9, 10.1 tablets and most phones released over the past while. Gameloft mentions older or low end devices wont handle the HD graphics or be capable of online play but if my 600 MHz single-core HTC WildFire S can handle it, most others can too. Click the link below and enjoy some classic UNO right from Android and play with your friends and family.

UNO Free for Android