Amazon and Target Sales: Infuse, Revolution, Atrix, Vortex, Fascinate

SO you're in the market for a device, yes? How about ANY of the following? They're all on sale and they're all under $100, several of them free - all of them on contract. What you've got on one hand is a couple of devices at Target. First there's the Verizon LG Vortex - a mid-tier that's $399.99 off-contract with a 3.2-inch screen, Android 2.2, and a 600 MHz processor - it's FREE on a two year contract. Next there's the Verizon Samsung Fascinate, costing $699.99 unactivated, having a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 2.1, and a Cortex A8 1GHz Hummingbird processor - it's also FREE with a two-year contract.

Telenav v6.2 Available for T-Mobile Devices Vibrant, Optimus T, Defy, Cliq CT, and Comet

Our good pals at TeleNav GPS mapping systems have informed us that there's a new update in town, this one navigating you to better functionality in several bits of the app, this update out now for a handful of T-Mobile devices. The devices that will be affected are the Samsung Vibrant, LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy, Motorola Cliq XT, and T-Mobile Comet. To get the update, whose details are listed below in short, you'll just have to go to the Android Market and download it - go download it now!

New Motorola Phone Pictured?

This could be a bit premature, as this photo is very rough and we don't have any info on it. The picture here is supposedly a new Motorola phone. The lack of markings on the phone as well as the less than perfect quality of the photo makes me skeptical, but that doesn't mean we can't dream.

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart Hands-On and Unboxing

Gravity in the house! We've got our hands on Samsung's newest midrange effort in the Gravity Smart, a device sent out to T-Mobile to replace the Sidekick - no that wouldn't make sense. But it is a push-out keyboard having message machine, of that you can be sure. It's got rounded corners on all sides, the Samsung lip at the bottom, silky smooth plastic Sapphire plastic on the back, and a ton of apps that, if it weren't this particular set of apps, would be sending you strait to the root factory.

First Overclock Kernel in the Works for Galaxy Tab 10.1

If you hadn't noticed, most of the hardware in Honeycomb tablets looks a little similar. Since they're all running on NVIDIA's Tegra 2 chipset, and we've already seen the Transformer and Xoom overclocked. We knew it was only a matter of time, and now XDA member, pershoot, has a preview of a kernel which allows overclocking of the Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart PACKED with Goodies

Now you won't hear me saying this very often, rarely if ever in fact, but this device from Samsung and T-Mobile has a LOT of great apps packed in it out of the box. The Gravity Smart is a brand new mid-range Android device made by Samsung for carrying on T-Mobile, this one colored with a lovely Sapphire blue. It's obviously made to be a messaging machine with its unique rounded push-out keyboard with rounded keys and a rounded heart - and the bloatware inside isn't bloatware, I swear! It's sweet stuff, man!

Motorola Triumph $299 at Best Buy for Pre-Order

Everyone's favorite no-contract device is coming on quick, and its price has been revealed today by Best Buy, everyone's favorite retailer! It's been guessed previously that this device would be sub-$300 and it looks like that guess was right - though BARELY. Best Buy will have this device on the 19th of July (that's their estimated shipping date), this lining up perfectly with the previous "leak" of information that pointed toward the same date without a source for purchase.

Motorola Droid 3 Release Date July 14th at Best Buy

That is, if a photo of a screen as posted by DroidAttic is to be believed. No less reputable than any other in-store photo of a display, I suppose, yes? The site this information comes from is a rather simple Android blog that appears to get a lot of leaks in - just yesterday they apparently also got news from an inside source that said the DROID Bionic would be released in July. That lines up with our "find" of the Motorola tweet that said we'd be getting the Bionic "on time" and a suggested HTC event that's aimed at late June - but that's in England.

HTC Desire with no Sense Coming from Telstra in August

It appears very much that the folks at Telstra will be pushing HTC down a flight of stairs with its release of Gingerbread for the HTC Desire. If you remember back a few days ago, there appears to be mistaken information regarding HTC's news bomb that noted the Desire would never be getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread - they later recanted and said they WOULD be doing the update, but Telstra appears to not want to deal with the whole situation at all, saying on their smartphone Software Updates page that they'd be releasing a version of Gingerbread for the Desire in August that does not include Sense UI.