It’s very clear that in the smartphone world the Android OS is dominating when it comes to the number of phones selling and popularity with buyers. The Android smartphone is also dominating when it comes to the number of people surfing the web on the OS, at least in some countries. The latest numbers from metrics firm comScore are in and they show the amount of non-computer device internet traffic based on OS. The stats are broken down by iOS, Android, other smartphones, and feature phones.

In the US, Android smartphones are generating 35.6% of the traffic to the web from a smartphone. The iPhone is generating 23.5% of the traffic in the US. Interestingly in the UK, iPhone generated 29.9% of web traffic with the Android platform at 15.1%. Some of that is likely the fact that the iPhone is on all carriers in the UK and only two in the US.

When it comes to the tablet market, the iPad makes 21.8% of web traffic with all Android tablets accounting for 0.6% of traffic from tablets. The numbers in the UK looks similar on the tablet front with 21.3% for iPad and 0.3% on Android tablets.

[via comScore]