Our good pals at Archos have really tossed the basketball at the tower of wine glasses today with news of their brand new Android lineup. They did SORT OF the same thing back in the day when they revealed the first Android tablet – turned out that wasn’t so great – but this time it might be a set of winners. We’ve seen an Android landline phone, we’ve seen a couple of what might be magnificently powerful tablets, and now we’ve got some details on an Android radio. Wait, you say, isn’t an Android handset all of these things, why separate? You shall see, young padawan.

What you’re going to get with this RRP $149 desk radio is a web radio connected, Android app running, clock and camera having, high-quality sound and video machine. Apparently this device, as Archos notes, has sound quality that you’ll be amazed by whilst considering the size of the object – you’ve got the option to play MP3, FLAC, OGG, and WAV files for music, if you’d like to know. Next, Archos notes a couple of items one would not normally think of when considering a clock for a desk: the Archos 35 Home Connect “is light” and “fits perfectly in your hand.” Does this mean I’ll be carrying it around the house? I hope so!

You probably will when you consider that it doesn’t need to be connected to a wall socket, has the ability to work with video chat apps with its VGA resolution front-facing camera, and plays MPEG-4, AVI and most common video formats from its 3.5-inch TFT LCD display. This device has 4 GB of internal memory and an SD card slot to expand memory by 16 GB, and can connect to your Mac or PC machine in mass storage mode for media transfer.

You’ll be transferring data with a micro USB cord (with USB 2.0) which comes included, you’ve got integrated Wi-Fi n, there’s a non-removable battery inside, and you get a power adapter in the package aside your user manual, which I know you all read. This device comes loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo and no word on the ability to upgrade.

What do you think? Something you’d like sitting around the house?



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