For all those of you who got their HTC EVO 3D early OR are getting their HTC EVO 3D tomorrow, I’ve got a couple of tidbits for you that might light your fire. First, there’s a software update coming across that’s 26.59MB large and in charge, and it’ll fix a calendar bug that happens when you’re rummaging around your calendar that’ll force quit you on the spot. Second, the excellent news that you’re able to delete SOME of your bloatware without root.

While normally every app that comes with your device is going to be stuck with you until the bitter end, this device has several apps that are able to be deleted right out of the box. I saw a report about this over on our good buddy’s site Android Police and saw that several sources are reporting that it’s whatever apps you want, and I’m here to tell you that that’s simply not true – unless we got a dud unit, of course.

For example, a couple of evil apps that are full of guts and splooge and all that nonsense that you might want to get rid of are Sprint Zone and Sprint Radio. The difference between these two is that you are able to delete Sprint Radio while Sprint Zone remains stuck to the spot. Yuckers. To get rid of the rest of the junk you’ll just have to root your device and chop it out the normal way.

Then let’s talk about this update coming out now – it’s the best update ever! It’ll take you about 5 minutes if you’ve got a decent connection, or 2 minutes if you’re rolling out on some high-speed network not included on the phone itself. This update is number 1.12.651.7 and is supposedly only to update your calendar, but considering the size of the download, we’re thinking there’s a couple other nuggets in there as well.