So you were there yesterday when this multicore capable benchmarking system CF-Bench, aka ChainFire Bench was released, and everyone went crazy with the marking of the benches, right? Well check it out, overnight the folks at CF decided it was time for an update, basically right out the gate. Then they’ve got a PRO version as well which, as you guessed, gets rid of the advertisement so very prevalent near the top of the results page when you run a benchmark test. And the thing’s still under 50 downloads – wacky!

Unless the dang market isn’t racking em up correctly, that is. Under 50 downloads, that’ seems completely crazy man, crazy, especially for a nice app like that in a nice place like this. This .1 upgrade we’re talking about here adds several VERY helpful and awesome additions to the app, including the stopping of the app from closing if its obscured by another app, its results rendering is adjusted so it looks better on tablets, and of course, again, there’s a pro version.

Why buy the pro version, you ask, if you don’t care about ads anyway? There’s one more factor that’ll win you over for sure – when you’ve got the pro version, whenever you open the app, you get the results from the last benchmark, right there in front of ya. Helpful and nice.

[GET CF-BENCH HERE and test away!]

Now I need to direct you back to the big post we had yesterday so you can contribute after you’ve purchased the pro version or have simply downloaded the free version: [New Multi-Core Benchmarking System CF-Bench Tested on Sensation, EVO 3D, Galaxy Tab 10.1, A500, G-Slate] – and many more! We’d like you to contribute your scores and compare and contrast them with the rest of the community – it’s fun, and not at all masculine in a very obvious way.