TAG Heuer Connected Watch Golf Edition 2020

TAG Heuer has always been known in the watchmaking business mainly for its chronograph watches. It has since been known as a luxury watch brand. The company also ventured into the wearable business in recent years. It entered the smartwatch market with Intel and Google way back in 2015. LVMH introduced the first TAG Heuer smartwatch with a hefty price tag. We saw the Carrera Wearable 01, offering the next step to innovation. The Android Wear-connected watch became popular despite the price that TAG Heuer had to increase weekly production to meet demand.

We also saw the Solid Rose Gold TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch the following year. The company exceeded sales expectations. A connected modular device was anticipated and then finally revealed: the TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch was officially announced three years ago. A smaller Connected Modular smartwatch came the following year. A full luxury diamond version was also revealed. Fast forward to March 2020, another TAG Heuer smartwatch was launched but this time, it’s non-modular.

The 3rd-gen non-modular TAG Heuer Connected watch made an impression with the community. It’s getting another variant made especially for the golf enthusiasts.

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch Golf Edition still runs on Wear OS and bears the classic chronograph style. It has a sportier look though. It will come with a white strap that looks like a golf ball plus green stitching.

The wearable device will come with the TAG Heuer Golf app developed for the golfers who may want to improve their game. The app features stats, scorekeeping, shot tracking, hazards distance, and 3D mapping. All the information tracked can help any player.

The app also has a Driving Zone feature. It links to the phone of a player to present past rounds and the best part of a golf course. There are about 40,000 maps of golf courses around the world available. With this app, the watch can help a golfer improve his swing.

The $2,550 TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and a 20-hour battery. There is an OLED display that always shows time but dims when not in use. The watch is available today at TAG Heuer’s website and boutiques, as well as, select retailers.


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