Looks like we were right. TAG Heuer is indeed launching a new Connected smartwatch this month. We’re not sure though if it will be modular as earlier speculated but the luxury watch maker recently posted a teaser to a special event this March 14, Tuesday. That’s happening this week so we’ll soon know how committed TAG Heuer is to its #ConnectedToEternity motto.

TAG Heuer simply posted a “Stay Tuned” reminder. Coming soon, we’re assuming, is a new smartwatch since the first model exceeded sales expectations. Believe it or not, LVMH sold a lot of Connected smartwatches. TAG Heuer had to increase weekly production to meet demand. Despite the high price tag, it also released a solid rose gold model.

The TAG Heuer Smartwatch was described to offer the next step to innovation. What we like most about this Android Wear-powered smartwatch is that the company wants owners to still be “connected” to the brand even after the platform gets old. That makes sense since the luxury watch is really pricey.

We’re excited to see what the new Connected smartwatch will offer. It’s been almost two years since we first noted that TAG Heuer would be entering the smartwatch market with Intel and Google. We first discovered it would be named as the Carrera Wearable 01 and was released in November 2015. It’s such an expensive watch and we haven’t gotten our hands on one. We only saw an unboxing video. TAG Heuer had to discontinue sale before but quickly put the wearable device back on sale again online.

We have no idea yet about the next smartwatch but it could boast of a modular design because of the Tag Heuer Connected Modular reference.