The OnePlus 5T isn’t just another variant of the OnePlus 5 flagship phone. The Chinese OEM has been hyping up promotion of the new 5T phone because according to them, it is the ‘best yet‘. No doubt about that because it is the latest product offering with an 18:9 Full HD display and enhanced cameras. The phone has already passed a durability test but a teardown video showed it is not waterproof at all. It could be better but we know it is faster when compared to the iPhone X in a basic speed test.

So much good news about the OnePlus 5T including the company breaking launch day sales within just six hours. The device is said to unlock in less than a second so that is really fast.

The OnePlus 5T is tested again against the Samsung Galaxy S8 running beta Oreo. Let’s see if the new OnePlus phone can beat the South Korean tech giant’s 2017 premium flagship offering. Watch the video below:

Xeetechcare notes the Samsung Galaxy S8 boots up faster than on the OnePlus 5T but overall, the 5T is noticeably snappier. Under the hood, the OnePlus 5T runs on Snapdragon 835 processor while the S8 here is on Exynos 8895.

The test starts with the basic programs being opened such as the dialer and settings. OnePlus 5T is faster but both phones show fast animation. Opening Instagram is about the same but we can see it really is faster in the 5T.

Moving on to Subway Surfers, Pin Out, Snapchat, Soundcloud, and Spotify, launching these apps are faster on the OnePlus phone. Twitter opens faster on the Galaxy S8 but the OnePlus 5 wins again when the game Alto and the camera app are opened.

In the browser war, it’s hard to tell but loading appears to be really snappier on the OnePlus 5. RAM management is good though on both smartphons as the apps are still there running on each phone with no refresh and no performance issues.