The OnePlus 5T is expected to make waves in the coming months until the Chinese OEMs release the next-gen OnePlus 6. We’re not yet interested in next year’s flagship phone because the 5T is still fresh. We haven’t even tried the new phone but we have a feeling it will make an impression in the mobile industry with its improved camera. Another important feature is the 18:9 display. In case you missed it, there’s also the new Face Unlock that makes use of facial recognition fast. Within 0.4 seconds, you can unlock the OnePlus 5T. This is expected to be safer and secure as well.

Older OnePlus phones have the ceramic fingerprint sensor at the front. As for the OnePlus 5T, it’s now located at the back. From the front, you can just show your face and the phone will unlock. As with any facial recognition or biometric methods, this can be considered just an alternative to the fingerprint sensor. The latter is said to be more accurate and more secure than ever.

The Face Unlock technology by OnePlus will make sure it is you who are unlocking the smartphone. It will look at more than 100 identifiers on your face using the camera. OnePlus has prepared a number of parameters and will look at different factors such as the distance between two points. It’s also said to work even when you wear glasses or in different light conditions.

There’s the possibility of a device being unlocked just by using a photo of the user as in the case of a Samsung Galaxy S8 being compromised with a photo. The phone can determine if the face is “alive” by looking at the 3D aspects. It’s something you can’t fake because the system will also look at the environment–if the subject is reflecting your face or emitting light. If it’s emitting light, then it’s most likely a phone. The OnePlus team said the system may also look at a square element which is actually the shape of the smartphone.

OnePlus will deactivate the Face Unlock feature after five unsuccessful attempts. This way, no thief or unwanted person can get on your phone. Note that the Face Unlock won’t work with Android Pay or other similar apps.