Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. We know for sure it’s arriving with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 soon after the next big Galaxy Unpacked event. The third-gen Galaxy Fold foldable phone is anticipated because it will definitely be better than its previous predecessors. We mentioned the possibility if the UPC’s high transmittance, touch-based controls, Snapdragon 888 processor, 2215mAh + 2060mAh dual battery system, and an IP rating. Both foldable phones are also said to come with an Armor Frame.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may not feature an S-Pen slot although that’s what we’ve been saying earlier. Some are saying the phone may also run on a smaller 4380mAh battery and will have a smaller display size. That Under Panel Camera is also likely to happen now.

The foldable phone will be better yet lighter in form. We’re no longer thinking of a sliding keyboard and two hinges but a thicker display and AES may still happen. That Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with light indicator on the hinge is also something to look forward to.

A few weeks or months before the Galaxy Unpacked, we’re learning the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 may be sold with lower prices. The big launch could also happen next month which is earlier than the usual August Unpacked event.

The two foldable phones becoming cheaper should happen. That is so more people will be able to buy them. By affordable we mean some $400 price cut according to another source. That is about 20% less from the original almost $2,000 price of the Galaxy Z Fold and the $1,380 of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

With the price cut, an almost $1,600 and $900 Galaxy foldable phones may be more attractive and attainable. That is still expensive but may be seen as development. Let’s just wait and see.