Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 UTG Display Stylus

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 may still not be the perfect foldable phone but Samsung is determined to work harder and improve on the design and the system. We can say it is the best foldable smartphone from the South Korean tech giant to date with its several improvements from the original and problematic first-gen Galaxy Fold. We are hopeful the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be even better when it’s announced next year. Of course, we can still expect the next Galaxy Z Flip model but the new Galaxy Fold may be given more attention.

We already mentioned the Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with a light indicator on the hinge patent surface. It could be announced in Q3 of 2021 but then the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 foldable phone could be delayed to around the same time. Two foldable phones released at once may be challenging but sounds interesting.

The Galaxy Z Fold S will have a 360-degree hinge like the Surface Duo. It could also be the new name of the Galaxy Fold 3. At this point, the name doesn’t really matter. We are more interested in the design, specs, and features.

Samsung will continue to innovate. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is said to come with a thicker Ultra-Thin Glass (UTC). It will also feature an AES digitizer and support for S Pen.

Samsung has not sent out any hint or teaser yet but we’ve got sources (1,2) willing to share what they know. The UBI Research has mentioned the tech giant is considering to use Active Electrostatic Solution (AES) digitizer technology. This could allow the S Pen to work on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. It may be a challenge though because the display will still be UTG.

A Galaxy Fold with S Pen support is obviously a step forward but we’re not sure if, how, and when it will work. The possibility will always be there but it may take time. But still, we’ll be happy if Samsung or anyone turns it into reality.

Samsung needs to consider a lot of factors when it comes to the foldable display being able to withstand the pressure of a stylus. It needs to look into the digitizer tech and the thickness of the UTG. AES can make things work but after thorough research, development, and testing.

The Ultra-Thin Glass could also be improved for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The current Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses the same one used on the Galaxy Z Flip. It’s about time it gets upgraded. We’ll see in the coming months. Expect related information will be shared until the official announcement of the new Samsung foldable phone.


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