Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The foldable phone category has yet to grow bigger. It just started which means there are plenty of rooms for improvement. Samsung has begun working on the foldable-flexible display technology a few years ago but it’s only last year that a working product was introduced. The original Galaxy Fold model wasn’t exactly perfect. The first batch was problematic but the South Korean tech giant was able to work on them. Another foldable phone followed earlier this 2020 but in a clamshell form factor. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is already out in the market and next year, the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be presented.

We just learned that Samsung may release a lighter and thinner foldable smartphone. This is according to a Samsung executive, who shared the good news at the ‘2020 Investor Forum’. Samsung’s Lee Jong-min said, “Foldable phones will become thinner and lighter in the future.”

It’s not impossible. Samsung has been working on improvements especially on the display because it’s the highlight of any foldable phone. We can assume a more durable model will be introduced as the company continues with its research and development.

A large screen for a smartphone is now a standard. Gone are the days when the goal is take make something really small or thin. Today, the consumers want something that works and lasts for a long time. A lighter or slimmer device is also expected especially if it already comes with a big screen.

The next Galaxy Z foldable phone will be thinner and lighter. It will be offered with better specs and features like a more durable Ultra Thin Glass, improved hinge mechanism to prevent dust, multi-tasking, Flex mode video, better rear camera setup, narrower frame, and a 120hZ screen. More improvements may probably be made known before the next Galaxy Fold will be announced.


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