Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with Sliding Keyboard Concept

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is under development, we can expect related information, rumors, and image renders will surface on the web. Before the third-gen Galaxy Fold is introduced, Samsung will show off the Galaxy Z Flip 2 and its launch is now back on track for the first half of 2021. As for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the foldable phone is set for the third quarter and may be announced around the same time as the Galaxy Note 21.

The next Galaxy Fold phone has been mentioned here several times. We noted it may come with S Pen support, a thicker display, and AES. It could also have a light indicator on the hinge as shown by a patent. We also heard that possibility of a 360-degree hinge like the Surface Duo.

LetsGoDigital went ahead by coming up with their own image renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 based on some details available. Of course, we’re taking things with a pinch of salt since nothing is certain until the official product launch.

A new document was discovered that shows a concept of a Galaxy Fold with a slide-out keyboard. This is a new design but nothing we haven’t seen before. The images show a double hinge design that results to three screen parts.

The double foldable phone is a great idea but it won’t be successful yet if Samsung doesn’t improve on the foldable screen technology. We’re just starting to see the improvements but we don’t think a third foldable display will be ready.

The only way for a three-fold foldable phone to work is really upgrade the Ultra Thin Glass technology. An additional slide-out keyboard will make it interesting. We’re imagining this will open to an even larger tablet.

And with an even larger display when opened or unfolded, you have a large screen real estate. This means more apps can be displayed and used at once.


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