Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Front Camera

Here is another detail about the upcoming Galaxy S22 series. The phones will be equipped with a 10MP selfie camera. The front-facing camera system isn’t usually a priority but Samsung wants to improve on many areas of its upcoming premium flagship series. But then the 10MP selfie shooter isn’t new. It’s the same one used on the past three years. The company isn’t changing it yet since it was first used in the Galaxy S10 phones. There will be no change next year even with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Ultra variant’s selfie camera will be 40 megapixels. Again, it’s the same front-facing shooter used on both the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s impressive already but many people have been expecting improvements in this area. `

As for the rear cameras, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will come with 50MP primary + 12MP wide-angle + 10MP with 3x optical zoom lens. And for the Ultra model, it will arrive with the same dual telephoto camera system consisting of two 10MP sensors. One will offer 3x optical zoom while the other will come with 10x optical zoom.

The main camera will be 108MP with 12MP wide-angle shooter. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will not use a 200MP camera yet–just 108MP like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Much has been said about the Galaxy S22 phones. They will be powered by Snapdragon 898 processor. The design has been detailed and leaked again.

Camera specs have been detailed several times. The Ultra may also come in a new color option with a 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging. We can also look forward to that waterdrop camera design and probably no SD card support.


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