Samsung Galaxy S22 Rainbow Series No MicroSD Card Slot

The latest we learned about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series has something to do with the memory. Sadly, the phones may not arrive with an SD card slot. This means storage will no longer be expandable. It’s likely to happen if Samsung wants to make the devices more affordable or at least keep them within the same price range as the Galaxy S21 series. The information is from the same source who showed us the possible dimensions of the smartphones.

The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra may not arrive with SD card slot. This means there will be no need for an SD card but with 128GB as base storage. That should be enough. If you want more, a quick solution will be save your photos and videos and upload them to the cloud right away.

There is no mention what kind of SIM card slot will be there but we’re assuming at least dual SIM-capable. Others have been demanding there should be eSIM instead.

We know not many people will be happy with the news. People still want and need large storage even if there is the convenience of cloud. This non-inclusion of an important feature may not be favorable for some consumers. But then again this can also mean “more affordable” or lower prices for the next-gen Galaxy S22 devices.

When the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE User Manual surfaced, there was no mention of microSD slot. That’s a move to make it affordable. It could be the same for the Galaxy S22 series or maybe at least just one variant. Let’s wait and see.


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