Samsung Galaxy S10 Production

All is well for Samsung. We think. The South Korean tech giant is set to launch its 10th Anniversary Galaxy flagship phone next month. We’re assuming the Galaxy S10 phones will be popular at the Mobile World Congress. Expect the S10 to be pitted against the other flagships like those from Huawei, LG, and OPPO. Production has started last week (January 25) so this means the specs and designs have been finalized already. Beta testing may begin anytime soon, weeks before the Unpacked event.

Samsung’s 10th Anniversary flagship offering will include the Galaxy S10 E (not S10 Lite), Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+ (S10 Plus). These three variants will also be followed by a 5G version the following month.

The Galaxy S10 has been a favorite subject since April last year when display specs were finalized by Samsung. We know it will feature a Fingerprint On Display technology, triple rear cameras, punch hole selfie camera, and faster charging speeds among others.

We’ve featured each variant several times with the largest model, the Samsung Galaxy S10+, wowing us with the high 12GB RAM and 1TB storage capacity. The big storage is made possible by the new Samsung 1TB Embedded Universal Flash Storage.

Samsung didn’t announce it began production. An anonymous supplier shared the news with The Investor. The source also said the phones only have 4G and not 5G.

There is no information shared about the Samsung Galaxy foldable phone. We just believe it will cost more than the expensive Galaxy S10 phone.

VIA: The Investor