Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 million units sold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may not be fast-selling compared to other premium models from the South Korean tech giant but we know it quickly sold out in its home country. Of course, that is expected in any home country and we know how Koreans are very supportive of their own products. The foldable phone was finally relaunched in Korea back in September after an exciting pre-registration and months of redesign. Samsung, Google, and several developers are continuously working together on the foldable experience to assure the consumers no more issues.

Perhaps by now you already know how to properly care for the foldable phone. A Durability Test showed us how tough it is with numerous folding and unfolding. A teardown also showed us the improvements.

We starting talking about the next-gen Galaxy Fold and so far, we know there may be two variants. The more affordable model could be in a clamshell form and a possible Motorola RAZR rival.

Before we get busy about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, allow us to share with you the latest about the first-gen Samsung foldable phone. Samsung’s President Young Sohn said the company has already sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units. That is a good number since pegged sales were only 500,000 units back in October.

For a $2,000 smartphone, it’s impressive. We’re assuming that is sales from all over the world. It seems Samsung’s hard work had paid off despite the embarrasing failed first launch.

Samsung produced 30,000 units of Galaxy Fold initially. The tech giant also has plans to increase Galaxy Fold sales target by next year–from five to six million in 2020. Sounds ambitious? We now think it is possible.