Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung relaunched the Galaxy Fold last month. It was first released in South Korea which quickly sold out. In the US, pre-order for the foldable phone was canceled initially but then it was offered again soon. There hasn’t been any major problem except for that mysterious blob on the screen and logo stickers falling off. The Samsung foldable smartphone appears to be a second but we have yet to make a comprehensive review. We just know it’s better and more durable now.

Our last report was about the Samsung Galaxy Fold rolling out in China, Japan, and other markets. The third batch is already rolling out in South Korea. This could be a completion of the initial order 30,000 units of Galaxy Fold. About 20,000 units have already been released in Samsung’s native country. The next batch could be 10,000 phones.

More markets will receive the Samsung Galaxy Fold including Switzerland, Mexico, Poland, and Japan (October 25). The foldable phone has also sold out in Singapore, France, Germany, the UK, and the United States.

Now we’ve got information Samsung will increase production up to ten times than the initial plan. Samsung is saying the Galaxy Fold is very popular so six million units may be produced next year. The current sales volume is 500,000 for this year.

The earlier target will increase to five to six million in 2020. Now that appears to be ambitious because analysts are saying the foldable phone business will only reach around three million. The six million figure is high because Samsung sells around ten million units of the premium Galaxy phones. The Galaxy Fold could be a category on its own because of its very high price.

If Samsung is serious in increasing production, it needs to invest more in additional facilities in Vietnam. We’re not just talking about phone production but also for the production of components used for smartphones.