The Samsung Galaxy Fold is under careful scrutiny by many people and hardcore enthusiasts. We don’t blame the public for such behavior because Samsung’s initial launch of the foldable phone was a failure. The foldable phone was already relaunched and so far, so good–except for that mysterious blob on the screen reported last year. What we’re most interested in is the Samsung foldable phone’s durability when it comes to folds. The only way to find out its strength and endurance is to conduct a folding test.

A folding test is just what CNET did. A live test was streamed earlier on YouTube so the world can see what’s happening. The goal was to reach 200,000 foldings and unfoldings using the FoldBot by SquareTrade.

FoldBot is a machine that opens and closes the Galaxy Fold automatically. As of this writing, we can say the goal of 200,000 wasn’t reached. Before the 120,000 checkin, the foldable device began showing signs of stress.

Watch the video below:

Feel free to skip because it is a 4-hour long video. An obvious line appeared on the right screen. After some time, the left screen died completely.

The folding test ended at this number: 120,169. We think that’s already good enough for a foldable phone. We believe the device can still be improved. The 200,000 folds are challenging to hit but we’re guessing that’s a lot already.

Say you open/close the Samsung Galaxy Fold at least 50 times per day, that’s only 18,250 folds per year. With an average of two or three years of use, that’s not even 60,000.

Our verdict: the Samsung Galaxy Fold is good enough. You only need to give it extra TLC.