Samsung Galaxy Fold

Here’s another confusing information about Samsung’s foldable phone: the Galaxy Fold is launching soon. We don’t know what “soon” means here but we’re hoping the South Korean tech giant will reveal the improved foldable device at least this year. Yesterday, we just told you there will be NO July launch for Samsung Galaxy Fold yet. A hinge improvement and screen fix are coming but they are still in the works. But just recently, a Samsung Display executive has shared that most issues have been solved already.

Kim Seong-cheol, Vice President of Samsung Display, proudly said: “Most of the display problems have been ironed out, and the Galaxy Fold is ready to hit the market.” So it’s only a matter of time since it’s a representative from Samsung Display expressing the good news. This division is the one responsible for the display component being used on Galaxy phones including the foldable phone for the Galaxy Fold.

The market launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to happen in April but it has been delayed, no thanks to reports of display breaking on units given to the press for review. The company had to postpone launch and cancel employee training. The result? Other sellers like Best Buy have canceled pre-orders.

The June release is not happening and the July rumor has been confirmed to be not true but we’re still looking at a Q3 release. The new launch date isn’t set yet but don’t you worry, it’s happening because the Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready for launch.

The past few months have been challenging not only for Huawei but also for Samsung. The latter didn’t expect this problem to happen with the Samsung Galaxy Fold but it’s been working hard to address the issue. It’s the first foldable phone from Samsung. It needs to make this work so the Note 7 fiasco won’t happen again.


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