Polaroid L10 Android Tablet CES 2015

Polaroid was not satisfied showing off the Selfie smartphone and the Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer. Why, the company also introduced a new line of Android tablets that boasts of quad-core processors and runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop platform. The L series consists of two tablets: the 7-inch L7 tablet and the L10 10.1-inch tablet. This makes the Android L7 and L10 now two of the very few Lollipop-running tablets in the market today.

Polaroid L7 and L10 are the brand’s fastest tablets to date, promising “super-fast quad core processing speeds” according to Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid. Faster speed means less waiting when browsing the Internet, loading apps, playing games, or watching movies. As with the past Polaroid Android tablets unveiled, the tablets are affordable and look very sleek in design.

The L7 and L10 Polaroid tablets boast of Bluetooth connectivity, extended battery life, front mounted speakers, front and rear cameras, and of course, WiFi. No 4G LTE here but they are really good for basic tablet computing. Tablets will be available in the US market this coming Spring for only $99 and $149, respectively. No word if they will be available in other regions.

Polaroid L7 Android Tablet CES 2015

Polaroid is more popular for being in the instant film business but it has ventured into Android devices. There’s the Android WiFi camera, Android camera with interchangeable lens (Polaroid iM1836 which was sadly pulled from the shelves), Polaroid M10 and M7, Kids Tablet 2, Polaroid Q series tablets, Polaroid XS100i Action Cam, and the Polaroid Cube. The Polaroid Android phones and tablets are nothing new but last year, the brand has entered the flat-screen and sports camera businesses. They’re not really the best in the industry but these innovations are good coming from a brand that was about to bid goodbye a few years ago.

SOURCE: Polaroid


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