Polaroid is once again slapping its brand, associated more with cameras than Android devices, on a few more tablets slated to launch soon. Manufactured by Polaroid licensee Southern Telecom, the Polaroid Q7, Q8, and Q10 are Polaroid’s most advanced Android tablets to date.

The model numbers speak of their sizes, with the Q7 sporting a 7-inch display, the Q8 an 8-inch screen, and the Q10 with a large 10.1-inch display. Other than those screen sizes, there isn’t much to differentiate one from the other. All three are equipped with an unidentified “super-fast” quad-core processor. These tablets are also one of the few devices that have been confirmed to run Android 4.4 at launch.


Being a company with a focus on creating content, Polaroid’s new Q Series tablets are geared towards consuming such kinds of content. President and CEO Scott W. Hardy claims that the quad-core processors are able to deliver the needed performance for movies and games. The tablets are equipped with the necessary ports and connections for augmenting the multimedia experience, like HDMI and Bluetooth. The tablets also sport front mounted speakers for better audio delivery. Each tablet is equipped with front-facing and rear cameras, though their exact specs and features have yet to be released.


Polaroid has not yet released exact pricing information but is targeting a price range of $129 to $179. The Polaroid Q Series tablets are scheduled to launch in spring this year but will first make a stop at Polaroid’s CES 2014 booth next week.

SOURCE: Polaroid