OxygenOS OnePlus

A few days before the OnePlus 5’s official and global launch and here we are learning more about the new flagship phone from the Chinese tech company. The company just showed off the refreshed OxygenOS which hinted on the blue light filter. It’s something that is quickly becoming an important mobile feature because it helps people to fall asleep at night.

The OnePlus 5 is another highly anticipated device in the market this season especially since the Chinese OEM has been sharing teasers. We heard of the Technoblog exclusive details and that not-so-mysterious pre-order site. We’re more curious to know how the phone’s camera will be impressive after that low light photo by the CEO was shared and after learning the company teamed up with DxOMark for the image processing.

Phone is already confirmed to run a Snapdragon 835 processor and have a fingerprint scanner. In case you missed it, OnePlus is skipping the ‘4’ from OnePlus 3T and is jumping to OnePlus 5 after saying ‘Hello5’ on Weibo a few weeks ago.

We’re assuming this OnePlus 5 will be more imaging centric since it will have the dual camera design as shown by several images already. We’re certain about that detail but we’re also excited to see the curved edges and know if audio recording is indeed better.