OnePlus is definitely skipping OnePlus 4. From OnePlus 3, the Chinese OEM will introduce OnePlus 5. We’ve been discussing the next flagship phone since last year and since we learned the OnePlus 3T as another variant of the OnePlus 3. And looks like we’re about to say hello to a new OnePlus as a teaser was spotted on Weibo.

A simple image was leaked on the Chinese microblogging site that simply shows the company’s logo and and a ‘Hello 5′ reference. It is OnePlus’ early move to tell us that the OnePlus 5 is arriving soon. The OEM already confirmed announcement will be sometime in Summer.

Not much information are available but rumor has it that phone will have more high-end features and specs plus a dual camera setup. We’re certain specs will be better but how come OnePlus is skipping the number 4? Well, the number is said to be unlucky in China. We don’t believe much in luck but let us remind you of what happened to Samsung when it skipped the Note 6, going from Note 5 to Note 7. We’re crossing our fingers the same won’t happen to OnePlus.

We have no idea how OnePlus’ business is really doing but we’re assuming it is thriving because the brand is now preparing to launch its fifth device.

VIA: Weibo