To say that OnePlus is really focusing on the camera department with the upcoming flagship – the OnePlus 5 – is a huge understatement. The new phone is getting dual cameras, and OnePlus has partnered with mobile camera standards group DxOMark to make sure the software part is up to snuff. To tease us with that, a new sample image has been leaked by OnePlus CEO Peter Lau.

One of the defining characteristics of a smartphone camera is how well it takes photos in dark conditions. It looks like we don’t have to worry about that part with the OnePlus 5, if this new leaked photo is any evidence. Check out the leaked image below.

The image is nothing special – an interesting looking building under a clear sky. But the level of detail in the image is such that we can actually be pretty happy with such an image if our mobile cameras took this in night time. There’s a lot of surprisingly sharp detail on the building, and you can even see some stars in the sky. Sure, there’s a good level of noise here – but the photo actually looks good for a night shot.

We don’t have a full resolution shot unfortunately, so we will have to be happy with this sample. And really, we are happy with it. If this is from the OnePlus 5, then a lot of fans will be happy about this as well. We will know more on June 20 when the phone launches, that’s for sure.